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Forthcoming SPS Meetings
Field Meeting on Carboniferous and Permian Non-Marine – Marine Correlation, July 2014, Freiberg, Germany
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Field Meeting on Carboniferous and Permian Non-Marine – Marine Correlation, 21-27 July 2014, Freiberg, Germany

      This year, during the International meeting on the Carboniferous and Permian Transition in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the chairs of the C and P subcommissions, Barry Richards and Shuzhong Shen, agreed to organize a joint working group on the global correlation between Carboniferous and Permian marine and non-marine deposits. As the kick off for this working group, a Field Meeting on Carboniferous and Permian Non-Marine – Marine Correlation will be held at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg in Germany from July 21 to July 27, 2014.
      A look at the current International Time Scale shows that nearly all marine stage boundaries of this time interval are ratified or will be ratified in the very near future. But, nearly nothing is known about the correlation of these boundaries into the vast continental deposits on the CP earth. Consequently, there is an urgent need to focus future activities of both the subcommissions on marine – non-marine correlation. Therefore, the aim of the meeting will be to bring together all colleagues who are interested in the correlation of CP continental deposits with the global marine scale. The subject of the meeting will be the use of any and all correlative age-relevant data from marine and non-marine deposits for the solution of the above mentioned problem. In particular, the workers in their own continental basins are asked to promote their detailed local to regional knowledge toward our global aims.

Time frame:
       July 20, 2014 arrival; July 21 to July 22, 2014: lectures; July 23 to July 27, 2014, 5 days field excursions to the most important Carboniferous and Permian outcrops in East Germany and the Czech Republic, including Permian-Triassic transitional profiles.

      The meeting will be accompanied by a SPS business meeting as well as a meeting of the Sino-German Cooperation Group on Late Palaeozoic Palaeobiology, Stratigraphy and Geochemistry.
Detailed information will be distributed by e-mail to the members of both subcommissions in the second half of December 2014.

Organizers: Joerg W. Schneider, Spencer G. Lucas, Olaf Elicki
Joerg.Schneider@geo.tu-freiberg.de, spencer.lucas@state.nm.us, elicki@geo.tu-freiberg.de 

download the circular here

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