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Call For field excursion for three GSSP candidates in southern Urals
Time:2015-01-04 viewd:1500 times

Call for participation of the field excursion of the Cisuralian GSSP candidates

This is an invitation for all SPS voting members and any other colleagues who are interested in a field excursion organized by the Permian Subcommission on Stratigraphy to investigate the three candidates of the Cisuralian potential GSSPs in southern Urals. The field excursion will be guided by Dr. Valery Chernyk who has most intensively studied the conodonts of the three GSSP candidates. The three sections are: 1) Usolka section, the best-exposed section for the Carboniferous/Permian boundary and the Sakmarian and Artinskian boundary with abundant conodonts, fusulinids and ash beds; 2) Dalny Tulkas section, the Sakmarian/Artinskian boundary candidate; 3) Mechetlino Quarry and Mechetlino sections, candidates for the Kungurian-base GSSP.

SPS hope all voting members to take this opportunity to visit all three sections and we will apply for some financial support from ICS to cover a part of the excursion fees for all voting members who are willing to join in the excursion (depending upon how many members).

Below is the detailed itinerary for the excursion between August 6-8, 2015 just BEFORE the ICCP meeting in Kazan. All participants will attend the ICCP meeting after the field excursion.

see details: pdf

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