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Former SPS Chair Bruce Wardlaw passed away
Time:2016-03-25 viewd:2484 times

      It is with deepest sadness to report that our colleague Bruce Wardlaw passed away on the 23rd, March, 2016 due to a fall on Monday. Bruce was the former SPS Chair and made great contributions on the Permian timescale, conodonts and brachiopods. He is productive recently and has a few papers in press. We lost a great geologist and friend. His contributions in Permian stratigraphy will be remembered forever. A memorial for Bruce Wardlaw will be prepared for the next Permophiles. If you have any contribution, please feel free to send to Lucia Angiolini (lucia.angiolini@unimi.it) or Shuzhong Shen (szshen@nigpas.ac.cn).

Bruce Wardlaw guided the field excursion in the Guadalupe Mts in 2004Bruce Wardlaw

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