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The Sakmarian-base GSSP has been formally ratified
Time:2018-08-25 viewd:13389 times

The Meogondolella lineage for the definition of the GSSP of the base of Sakmarian Stage

It is our great pleasure for SPS to announce that the GSSP for the base of the Sakmarian Stage has been formally ratified by ICS with 100% approval and by IUGS on July 21, 2018 (see letter from Stan Finney in the latest Permophiles). Congratulations to our Russian colleagues! Thanks to the Sakmarian-base Working Group for their long-trerm hard work. This is the first GSSP established in Russia and it has been 13 years since the last Permian GSSP established. The base of the Sakmarian Stage is defined by the FAD of the conodont Mesogondolella monstra at 55.4 mab in Bed 26/3 of the Usolka section in southern Urals, Russia.

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