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Sakmarian-base and Artinskian-base GSSP Working Group
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The Sakmarian-base and Artinskian-base GSSP Working Group mainly focuses on the definition of the base of the Sakmarian Stage and the base of the Artinskian Stage  based on certain fossil group as well as chemostratigraphy, magnetostratigraphy and other potential marks useful for global correlation. Its recent work is mainly working the candidate of the Sakmarian-base GSSP at Usolka, and the candidate of Artinskian-base GSSP at Dalny Tukas in  southern Urals, Russia. The original proposal to use the Kondolovsky section for the Sakmarian-base GSSP candidate by Chovashov et al. (2002) has been abandaned because the FAD conodont species Sweetognathus merrilli was not confirmed by subsequent studies. This working group is currently led by Dr. Valery Chernyk and Vladimir Davydov.

 Sakmarian-base GSSP Working Group

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