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SPS Tasks
Cisuralian GSSPs
Time:2012-09-27 viewd:1938 times

      One of the major tasks during the recent years is to complete the left three GSSPs in the Cisuralian Series of the Permian System including the Kungurian-base, Artinskian-base and the Sakmarian-base GSSPs. The Dalny Tukas section in southern Urals, Russia is the candidate of the Artinskian-base GSSP, the Usolka section is the candidate of the Sakmarian-base GSSP and the Mechetlino section in southern Urals, Russia and the Rockland section in Pequop Mountains in Neveda, USA are the candidates for the Kungurian-base-GSSPs. But no proposal for all those GSSPs has been completed yet. Three working groups are currently working on those candidates intensively.

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