Compilation of selected papers published on Permian topics in 2023

Stratigraphy and sedimentology

Borrelli M., Perri E., Morsilli M. & Critelli S. (2023). Late Permian-Triassic sedimentary evolution of the Southern Adriatic area based on wells and cores analysis. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 150, 106154.

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Fyfe L.J.C. & Underhill J.R. (2023). A regional geological overview of the Upper Permian Zechstein Supergroup (Z1 to Z3) in the SW margin of the Southern North Sea and Onshore Eastern England. Journal of Petroleum Geology, 46(3), 223-256.

Garland J., Tiltman C. & Inglis C. (2023). Sedimentology, palaeogeography and diagenesis of the upper Permian (Z2) Hauptdolomit Formation on the southern margin of the Mid North Sea High and implications for reservoir prospectivity. Journal of Petroleum Geology, 46(3), 329-360.

Hou Z.S., Chen S.Y. & Liang Z. (2023). Sedimentary features and sequence stratigraphy of the successions around the Carboniferous–Permian boundary in the Ordos Basin: links to glacial and volcanic impacts. Journal of Palaeogeography, 12(3), 358-383.

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Korngreen D., Orlov-Labkovsky O., Zilberman T. & Stephenson M.H. (2023). Time Constrains and the Tectono-Sedimentary Setting of the Permian Sequence in Israel: Insights from Pleshet-1 and David-1 Boreholes, Western Israel. Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation, 31(6), 571–592.

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Shen S., Zhang Y., Yuan D., Xu H., Ju Q., Zhang H., Zheng Q., Luo M. & Hou Z. (2023). Integrative Permian stratigraphy, biotas, paleogeographical and paleoclimatic evolutions of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and its surrounding areas. Science China Earth Sciences, 1-45.

Shen S.Z., Yuan D.X., Zhang Y.C., Charles M.H., Zheng Q.F., Zhang H., Zhang M., Dai Y., Xu H.P., Wang W.Q., Li Q., Wang Y, Wang X.D., Mu L., Ramezani J., Erwin D.H., Angiolini L., Zhang F.F., Hou Z.S., Chen J., Zhang X.Y., Zhang S.H., Wu Q., Pan Y.X., Stephenson M. & Mei S.L. (in press). Redefinition of the Global Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) and new Standard Auxiliary Boundary Stratotype (SABS) for the base of Wuchiapingian Stage (Lopingian Series, Permian) in South China. Episodes Journal of International Geoscience, 47(1), 147-177.

Wu S., Han C., Golding M.L., Chen Z.Q., Lyu Z. & Zhao L. (2023). Integrated biochemostratigraphy of the Permian-Triassic boundary interval and Lower Triassic succession in the eastern Cimmerian continent (Baoshan block, West Yunnan, southwest China). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 627, 111711.

Geochronology and astrochronology

Hua F., Shao L., Zhang T., Bond D.P., Wang X., Wang J., Yan Z., Lu J. & Hilton J. (2023). An astronomical timescale for the Permian-Triassic mass extinction reveals a two-step, million-year-long terrestrial crisis in South China. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 605, 118035.

Huang R., Jiang F., Chen D., Qiu R., Hu T., Fang L., Hu M., Wu G., Zhang C., Lv J., Wu Y. & Huang L. (2023). Astrochronology and carbon-isotope stratigraphy of the Fengcheng Formation, Junggar Basin: Terrestrial evidence for the Carboniferous-Permian Boundary. Gondwana Research, 116, 1-11.

Mory A.J., Crowley J., Backhouse J., Nicoll R.S. & Gorter J.D. (2023). Early Permian zircon ages from the P. confluens and P. pseudoreticulata spore-pollen zones in the southern Bonaparte and Canning basins, Northwestern Australia. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 70(4), 494-509.

Rochín-Bañaga H., Gastaldo R.A., Davis D.W., Neveling J., Kamo S.L., Looy C.V. & Geissman J.W. (2023). U-Pb dating of pedogenic calcite near the Permian− Triassic boundary, Karoo Basin, South Africa. GSA Bulletin, 136(3-4), 1689-1700.

Wei R., Jin Z., Zhang R., Li M., Hu Y., He X. & Yuan S. (2023). Orbitally-paced coastal sedimentary records and global sea-level changes in the Early Permian. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 620, 118356.

Geochemical proxies and palaeoclimate

Chen J., Sun G., Lu B., Ma R.Y., Xiao Z., Cai Y.F., Zhang H., Shen S.Z., Zhang Z. & Feng Z. (2023). Inconsistent mercury records from terrestrial upland to coastal lowland across the Permian-Triassic transition. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 614, 118195.

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Forte G., Preto N., Kustatscher E. & Looy C.V. (2023). Kungurian (Cisuralian) conifers and environmental changes: a negative δ13C shift in the flora of Tregiovo (Northern Italy). Palaeoworld.

Jiao Y., Zhou L., Algeo T.J., Feng L., Shen J., Hu Y., Liu J., Han Y. & Hou X. (2023). Zirconium and neodymium isotopes record intensive felsic volcanism in South China region during the Permian-Triassic boundary crisis. Chemical Geology, 636, 121653.

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Liu C., Jiang T., Yang Y. & Ma J. (2023). Temporal and spatial variations of high-resolution strontium, carbon, and oxygen isotopic chemostratigraphy at the end-Permian crisis boundary in South China. Gondwana Research, 113, 89-101.

Lounejeva E., Steadman J.A., Large R.R., Grice K., Olin P. & Belousov I. (2023). Lithogeochemical and sulfide trace-element systematics across the Permian–Triassic boundary, Perth Basin, Western Australia: constraints on the shallow marine environment during the end-Permian mass extinction. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 70(5), 716-730.

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Palaeoecology and palaeoenvironments

Galloway J.M. & Lindström S. (2023). Impacts of large-scale magmatism on land plant ecosystems. Elements, 19(5), 289-295.

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Palaeogeography and tectonics

Abdelmalak M.M., Gac S., Faleide J.I., Shephard G.E., Tsikalas F., Polteau S., Zastrozhnov D. & Torsvik T.H. (2023). Quantification and restoration of the pre‐drift extension across the NE Atlantic conjugate margins during the mid‐Permian‐early Cenozoic multi‐rifting phases. Tectonics, 42(1), e2022TC007386.

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Vertebrate palaeontology (excluding conodonts)

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Conodonts, foraminifera, radiolarians, algae and microbes

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