Stage Age (Ma) CGTS 2008 GSSP Location Latitude, Longitude Boundary Level Correlation Events Status Reference
Permian System
Lopingian Series
Changhsingian Stage PTB=251.902±0.024, WCB=254.14±0.07Ma Meishan D, Zhejiang Province, China 31.0819°N 119.7064°E base of Bed 4a-2, 88 cm above the base of the Changxing Limestone at the Meishan D Section FAD of Clarkina wangi Ratified 2005 Episodes 29/3, p. 175-182, 2006
Wuchiapingian Stage 259.51 ± 0.21 Penglaitan, Guangxi Province, South China 23.6953°N 109.3211°E base of Bed n6L in the newly exposed Penglaitan section FAD of Clarkina postbitteri Ratified 2004, redefinition ratified 2023 Episodes 29/4, p. 253-262, 2006; Episodes, in press
Guadalupian Series
Capitanian Stage 264.28 ± 0.16 Nipple Hill, SE Guadalupe Mountains, Texas, U.S.A 31.9091°N 104.7892°W 4.5m above the base of the outcrop section of the Pinery Limestone Member of the Bell Canyon Formation FAD of Jinogondolella postserrata Ratified 2001 Permophiles 34 p. 3-11, 1999; Episodes 45, p. 309-331, 2022
Wordian Stage 266.9± 0.4 Guadalupe Pass, Texas, U.S.A 31.8658°N 104.8328°W 7.6m above the base of the Getaway Ledge outcrop Section of the Getaway Limestone Member of the Cherry Canyon Formation FAD of Jinogondolella aserrata Ratified 2001 Permophiles 34 p. 3-11, 1999; Wu et al., 2020, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Roadian Stage 273.01 ± 0.14 Stratotype Canyon, Texas, U.S.A 31.8767°N 104.8768°W 42.7m above the base of the Cutoff Formation Conodont FAD Jinogondolella nankingensis Ratified 2001 Permophiles 34 p. 3-11, 1999; Shen et al., 2020, Earth-Science Reviews
Cisuralian Series
Kungurian Stage 283.5± 0.6 Candidate is Rockland, Nevada Anticipated 2024
Artinskian Stage 290.5± 0.4 Dalny Tulkas in Southern Ural Mts, Russia. 53.88847°N 56.51615°E 0.6m above the base of bed 4b at the Dal’ny Tulkas section in the southern Urals of Russia FAD of the conodont Sweetognathus asymmetricus Ratified 2022 Episodes Published online June 15, 2023
Sakmarian Stage 293.52± 0.17 Usolka, Southern Ural Mts, Russia. 53.9247°N, 56.7287°E Bed 26/3 Conodont FAD Mesogondolella monstra Ratified 2018 Episodes 43/4, p. 961-979, 2020
Asselian Stage 298.9 ± 0.15 Aidaralash Creek, Kazakhstan 50.2458°N 57.8914°E 27m above the base of Bed 19, Aidaralash Creek Conodont FAD of Streptognathodus isolatus Ratified 1996 Episodes 21/1, p. 11-18, 1998