Kungurian Workshop held in Wells, Nevada on June 8th

Group Photo

A Kungurian Workshop in combination with a SPS business meeting was held on the 8th of June, 2012 at Motel 6 in Wells, Nevada, USA. Charles Henderson organized this workshop. Charles Henderson, Vladimir Davydov, Shuzhong Shen, Tamra Schiappa, Alexander Biakov, Bruce Wardlaw, Mark Schmitz, Tierary Kate and Chad Morgan attended the workshop. During this workshop, Bruce Wardlaw, Mark Schmitz, Vladimir Davydov, Tierary Kate, Tamra Schiappa, Charles Henderson and Shuzhong Shen gave talks on the progresses of the potential Kungurian GSSPs including the new Mechetlino section in southern Urals and the Rockland section in the Pequop Mountains in Nevada. Boris Chuvashov and Valery Chernykh provided new detailed conodont data from the new Mechetlino section and Vladimir Davydov introduced the biostratigraphical data from this section on behalf of Boris and Valery. Charles, Bruce and Tamra introduced the detailed stratigraphy of the Rockland section in the Pequop Mountains, Nevada. Tierary Kate introduced the carbon and strontium isotopes from the Rockland section and the Tieqiao section of South China. Mark Schmitz presented the Sr isotope and geochronologic ages from the Cisuralian sections in southern Urals. Shuzhong Shen gave a brief introduction on the progresses of the Cisuralian Series in South China including some new discoveries of the index conodont species Neostreptognathodus pnevi. During this workshop, all participants visited Carlin Canyon to see the Pennsylvanian and Cisuralian sequences there. And they also got the Rockland section for twice, but only Vladimir Davydov, Tierary Kate and Alexander Biakov got to the potential GSSP section after the workshop.