Corresponding members webinar held on 13 November, 2020

On 13 November, 2020, the SPS Chair Lucia Angiolini and ViceChair Mike Stephenson, with the help of Jeanine Newham (BGS), organized a zoom webinar for the the corresponding members.

Twenty-six persons from different parts of the world attended the webinar: Deepa Agnihotriu, Lucia Angiolini, Sylvie Bourquin, Simonetta Cirilli, Luca Costamagna, Eliana Coturel, Giusy Forte, Claudio Garbelli, Charles Henderson, Hana Jurikova, Leopold Krystyn, Evelyn Kustatscher, Ruslan Kutygin, Lance Lambert, Lorenzo Marchetti, Giovanni Muttoni, Tadeusz Peryt, Ausonio Ronchi, Tamra Schiappa, Joerg W. Schneider, Lucas Spencer, Amalia Spina, Mike Stephenson, Geoff Warrington, Liz Weldon, Dungxun Yuan and Yichun Zhang.

A lot of significant issues were discussed during the webinar. See minutes.